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Weatherization Tips for Outdoor Spa Gazebo

Outdoor Spa Gazebo – Using a gazebo to cover outdoor spas provides relief from the sun on summer days. It also prevents leaves, debris, and insects to find their way to the spa. Cedar gazebos are not only interesting, but also durable. Although they are built to hold back its elements, making outdoor spa gazebos extend their lifespan and make them look attractive from year to year. The weatherization process is not hard to do if you have the right tools and know the right techniques.

In this article we will provide information about outdoor spa gazebo. Exterior stains not only change the look of wood, waterproofing versions protect wood from rain and snow. However, improperly applied smears can peel or crack, making them look very unattractive and show the wood is damaged. When coating the cedar gazebo with stains, seal the four sides and the final grain to stabilize the water content in the wood. It prevents wood from cracks and stains from exfoliation. Before using the stain, use 80 grit sandpaper to swing the wood surface. This opens the cell inside the wood to receive the stain.

If the stain will be applied with the roller, go to the area with the brush. The stain thinning of as much as ten percent makes it more workable and allows it to enter wood pores more easily. When determining the type of stain, keep in mind that solid stains generally last longer than semi-transparent ones. Good oil-based staining, has sufficient pigment for ultraviolet light protection, and contains fungicides and mildewcide. Price is not always a good quality determinant, so read product reviews and ask for professional advice. The vertical surface wears different levels than the horizontal ones. If only partially outdoor spa gazebo is stained again after the initial staining over the previous year, the gazebo may have two different colors. This is especially true when semi-transparent stains are used.



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