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Garden Gazebo Images – When imagining the English and French gardens of the eighteenth and eleventh centuries, inevitably the image of those roofed roofs that allowed shelter from the rain if an unexpected storm caught. And what is left of them today? The design of the current gazebos is a simple roofed but open structure does not have any type of vertical enclosure that can be located in any garden to create a very special space. Gazebos are especially suitable for gardens that have mild temperatures throughout the year, as being discovered by the sides allows the drafts to take advantage of the hottest days. However, you can also awnings or draperies on the sides to slightly protect the interior space on the cooler days.

Aluminum: It is mainly used in removable garden gazebo images because, although it offers all the guarantees of other materials, it is much lighter and easier to install and remove. In addition, they are simple structures whose price can be reduced to 40 or 50 Euros. Wood: It is the most used material since, given its durability and resistance, it adapts to virtually all climates. It is also usually the most economical in fixed models – their prices can range from 200 Euros in a simple design to 1,000 or 2,000 Euros of the most elaborate models and manufactured with more noble woods. If you have manual skills and like to cut wood or do small carpentry tasks, you may be encouraged to build your gazebo, you will reduce the costs of acquiring one.

This plan of measurements, profiles, plant, and ceilings, will serve to order a gazebo to his carpenter or make one using his tools and his own hands. The models garden gazebo images shown here are intended to be inspiring, note the differences in design between the first gazebo and the others, these are structures that can be significantly improved with some minor modifications, something that any carpenter can face without difficulty.

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