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Small Outdoor Gazebo Wedding

Small outdoor gazebo can help solve all weather problems that may occur if you want an outside wedding with some protection against the great outdoors. You can reserve gazebo in parks and wedding chapels; can you rent one from a rental or party store; you can also build one in your garden from scratch or from a kit. Then comes the fun part: decorate the gazebo. Whatever interior you choose to use, let the imagination be your limit.


Use wool or organza to soften the straight lines of the small outdoor gazebo. Attach the fabric to the top, and then put it along the sides of the cascade folds. Put a glimpse of each please like flowers, autumn leaves or balloons. Look for bands that reflect the colors of your wedding. Tie it around flower pots, or merge it with the flowing gauzy material. You can make big, beautiful arches of wired ties and put them on the gazebo wherever it takes a touch of color.

Decorate different parts of the small outdoor gazebo with flowers. Try bouquets set at eye level around the structure. Use flower pots along the ground. Wreaths of flowers and greenery are an elegant touch. If you cannot afford fresh flowers or you have to decorate in advance, side flowers and / or wreaths make a good alternative. Hang fun items from the roof of the small outdoor gazebo. You can make it into a sky filled with stars, use paper lights or hang cutouts that look like jewels. If your wedding has a theme, extend it here. For example, if it is a beach wedding hang shells, starfish or even upside-down parasols.


Attach your decorations firm gazebo. You do not need anything to blow away during the ceremony. Make sure you are actually allowing decorations. Avoid making any permanent marks, such as nail holes, at the gazebo.

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