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Rustic Gazebo Plans for Wedding

Rustic gazebo plans are permanent garden structures that are often used in outdoor weddings. Because they can be a focal point of the event, it is important to have them decorated appropriately. Tulle, ribbons and flowers can turn a regular gazebo into a custom place for your ceremony or reception. Choose colors that complement your bridal theme and theme. Tulle comes in many different colors, some with a shimmer effect to. Use the same flowers used in your bouquets or complementary blooms.


Measure the height and width of the rustic gazebo plans to determine how much tulle it will take to decorate. Take into account draping and switching by multiplying the height of the gazebo by two and the width by three. More tulle may be required to make rosettes or if you choose to extend the construction down the railing of the gazebo. Select the color of the tulle. White softens the straight lines of a gazebo, while colorful or glossy tulle can add a pop of pride or romance to the decor.

Set up a ladder or still chair in the rustic gazebo plans. Fold the entire length of the tulle in half. Please center the tulle to the top center entrance to the gazebo with a sticker or small nail. Collect tulle on each side and wrap it loosely with a pipe cleaner. Move the chair to the front corner of the gazebo and attach the tulle by hanging it from the pipe cleaner. These soft circles of wire allow tulle is adjusted as you go. Do the same on the other front corner and then continue around the entire interior.

Often the rustic gazebo plans will have nails or other hooks around the interior for you to hang the pipe cleaner circles. When all tires are hung, adjust the drape until it is even. Push the pipe cleaner to keep the tulle in place. Add a bouquet of fresh or silk flowers to the middle of the gazebo. Be sure to firmly tie tulle and flowers as this will be the focus of the design. Cover the posts with wide widths of tulle by fixing a section at the top with a pipe cleaner and sticker or small nail.

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