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Requires a Garden Pavilion Gazebo Building Permit

Garden pavilion gazebo – I have ordered a garden pavilion gazebo, which will be delivered sometime in the spring. Was really sure that it was covered by the rules for buildings under 10 square meters and therefore did not require any special permission.

However, I was around the municipality because I wanted to hear if it was ok to get closer to a shell than 2.5 meters when the height in the shell did not exceed 2.5 meters. To my surprise, I thought that my 8.7 square-foot garden pavilion gazebo required building permit because it was intended to live in, and therefore was subject to the same rules as housing.

In several articles on the web, I have seen that the new tight rules for small houses have been mentioned as if they include all types of small houses, including covered terraces and pavilions. What is your experience and knowledge about this?

If it is a closed garden pavilion gazebo building to be used for residence, the municipality may consider the building as an extension of the floor area, which may result in a building permit being sought.

The calculation rules say: ” Outdoors, closed coverings, closed balconies, enclosed enclosed farms, connection routes and the like, which can be adapted for personal stays, should be counted to the floor area .” But, for example,  carports, garages, outbuildings and similar small buildings, which are not considered living space, can be built without a building permit under certain conditions.

The instructions include, among other things, “The provision covers only garages, carports and similar smaller buildings that are listed in connection with a primary building. This provision does not include buildings used for residential, kitchen, WC or bathrooms.” We invite you to look at our 12 garden pavilion gazebo in the photo gallery. Bound to find many ideas to adapt to yours.

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