Modern Outdoor Gazebo Drapes

Outdoor Gazebo Drapes Ideas

Outdoor gazebo drapes – If you have an outdoor deck or patio with a trellis, you probably have imagined the curtains strings so that you can create an intimate outdoor space like those you’ve seen in movies or magazines. String a little stainless steel wire with a detachable screw thread and you can have these drapes before you know it. Choose a good outdoor fabric and your drapes will last this year and still look great. Screw the eye hooks opposite each other at six to eight feet above the deck. Open a watering screw to its widest position and hook the end of a screw eye. Cut the cable to fit between the loop end of the vane screw and the other screw the eye. Loop the end of the cable through the screw eye and crimp the cables together. Loop the other end through the loop end of the vane screw, and add a ripple and crimp the cables together using the pliers. Trim the extra cable with a bite wrench. You should be able to hook the vane screw.

How to do outdoor gazebo drapes. Measure from cable to tire, using a tape measure, and add 3 inches for them. The width is the width of outdoor fabric as separate curtain panels will create less air resistance. Sew a half-inch home all the way around the drapery, using a sewing machine. Sew a second two-inch hem on top of the drapery.

Make an X cut with a scissors 1 inch in from the top and side of the top of the outdoor gazebo drapes and inserts a plastic liner. Measure the distance between the collars and evenly divide. Select each division and install the collars evenly distributed over the top of the screen. Hook the vane screw and slide the curtain on the steel wire back to the right, right to the back all the way over the curtain. Re-hook the vane screw and screw the threaded screw to tighten steel wire.

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