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Ideal Outdoor Garden Gazebo Plans

Garden gazebo plans – idea of ​​a garden at home seems paradisiacal: sunbathing in summer, dinner with friends watching sunset, breakfast as a king on Sundays reading newspaper and listening to birds … But reality is that to enjoy a garden like It deserves this requires some care and some other investment of money. Today we are going to focus on gazebos and garden pergolas that will prevent scorching summer sun or spring whimsical rain we bitter day. A gazebo is a small covered pavilion that will help us to enjoy garden more, creating a unique and pleasant space, with advantages of exterior and not one of its disadvantages.

But when choosing a gazebo, what criteria should we consider? We show you some proposals to make it clearer when it comes to acquiring a gazebo for your garden.  We start talking about a classic garden gazebo plans, which brings us company Ana’s garden. It is a metal structure combined with textiles that allows us to create an intimate or open space, according to us, in middle of garden. Under this square gazebo we can create a delicious dining room where to enjoy with friends even when sun is high. In addition, fabric curtains with which we close space will come very well when wind blows, make it a little cooler or want to look for some privacy.

In addition to metal, there are other materials with which you can build an arbor, such as wood. In this example of company Attic and garden has been built a wooden gazebo with roof next to pool. A small open house to alternate with towel on lawn when we are enjoying our day off. When choosing a garden gazebo plans at home we must be careful with choice of size, There are so many and so varied models that we will all love them, but it is better to think with our heads before taking home a model too large to leave us without a garden. Of course there are some designs that are difficult to resist

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