Awesome Patio Gazebo Canopy

How to Replace Patio Gazebo Canopy

Patio gazebo canopy – The purpose of an outdoor canopy is to shade a certain area of ​​your lawn so that you can enjoy space despite a warm sun. You have many options for canopies that include a homemade version, a prefabricated design and a natural cover. Thanks to large-chain home stores like walmart and lowes, the out-of-the-box gazebo became a popular addition to home and courtyard. But in punishing weather and summer sun, watch the canopies tired and faded after a season or two. With some ingenuity and some sewing skills, you revive your canopies.

Determine the type of fabric that you want to use in the new awning. Since most narrated fabrics are available in pre-measured widths, pay particular attention to the width of the cloth roll. This later determines how much drug you buy. Remove your patio gazebo canopy and carefully disassemble your old canopies by ripping apart in the joints using a nail ripper. The pieces of the canopy become the pattern for your new canopy. Lay bites off the canopy flat, spacing them close together. Measure the total square length that the flat pieces cover to determine the length of fabric that you have to buy.

Wraps your patio gazebo canopy fabric to take care of some shrinkage. Most commercial dishwashers have high-capacity washing machines and dryers for bedding that would be suitable for laundering your fabric. Iron fabric to remove wrinkles. Lay out the pattern pieces on the fabric and fasten them in place with straight sticks. Cut the new fabric pieces. Sew pattern pieces together using an over lock machine. Create the attachments tie your canopies to the gazebo of fastening metal enamels to the canopy. This put the two parts of the grommet on each side of the fabric and hammers them together. Put the canvas roof back onto your gazebo by tucking it into place with knit cords and metal sleeves.

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