Gazebo with Retractable Canopy Shade

Gazebo with Retractable Canopy Is the Constructive Art for Terrace Spaces

Gazebo with retractable canopy – In the landscape of a restaurant, the outdoor terrace can be shaded by a gazebo with retractable canopy. A gazebo with canopy is a frame structure made of transverse aluminum profiles. Automatic or manual gazebo with retractable canopy is covered with polyester canvas coated with PVC, fire retardant material. Also resistant to repeated mechanical actions, UV radiation and in the open. The material is available in a wide range of colors and allows the possibility to customize the graphic. The gazebo with retractable canopy is a versatile architectural element and offers an ideal protection for any space that needs to be closed. But works very well to be open. The awnings of the retractable pergolas block the hot summer sun.

Also can resist strong wind and move easily in the frame with rails and special tensioning system driven by transmission belts by an electric motor. Motorized pergolas are easily operated from the control panel or remote control. The motor is integrated in the rolling system of the retractable awning and its action develops easily and silently. A button press and the pergola that eclipses the sunny terrace retract discreetly to receive the air at night. Gazebo with retractable canopy design possibilities vary depending on the length and width of the available space. Also the preferred pergola model. Available examples include the pergolas with adjustable blades that allow the adjustment of brightness, canvas covered pergolas with folds or pergolas with stretched canvas, simple in their horizontal design.

The company can create gazebo with retractable canopy in a variety of shapes, colors, drive systems and operation control. All models can be adapted for residential or commercial use. Depending on your preference. Notable features of gazebo with retractable canopy: Protection against dust, wind, rain, snow and noise; the modular structure allows it to eclipse any surface, regardless of length and width. The drive system can be done manually and electrically by remote control. The electrical systems can be customized with light sensors, wind, that will automatically drive the pergola. Pergolas can be equipped with embedded LED lighting system and variable for the intensity of light.

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