Nice Gazebo Canopy Lights

Gazebo Canopy Lights Style

Gazebo canopy lights – If you love your gazebo during the day, you’ll love it at night with the help of sunshine lighting. Lighting is a great way to decorate for a party or romantic evening. Do-it-yourself tin can sun lanterns are a simple and colorful way to dress your gazebo for all occasions or daily pizzazz without spending a fortune. Measure the distance around the gazebo where you want to hang the gazebo canopy lights. Assemble enough empty canned containers of the same size to space about 5 inches apart around the gazebo. Remove the label. Blow the jars in a bucket of hot water and detergent to remove any additional parts of the label and glue. Wipe the cans with towels.

Gazebo canopy lights style, paint each jar with a high quality outdoor metal spray paints.  Create two holes opposite each other near the bottom of each jar, using a drill. Make two more holes just below the first holes. Drill evenly distributed holes in each jar. Turn the cans upside down. Make a hole in the middle of the canisters just big enough to allow the string light bulb to fit. Cut galvanized sheet into 12-inch pieces. Pull the ends of the metal through the holes on the side of the jars by going into a hole and out the other on each side. Wrap the thread around itself to keep it in place.

Place lanterns in a line on a flat surface with the open end facing down. Thread handle should be vertical to the line. Place the string of sunlight on top of the cans so that the hole in the bottom of each jar has a light bulb in it. Place a piece of silver tape on top of each hole to secure the gazebo canopy lights in place. Install cup hooks along the underside of your gazebo. Hang metal cans from their metal hanger from the cup hooks. Install extra hooks if necessary to keep the cord between the lights from hanging. Locate the solar panel for lighting in a bright spot.

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