Garden Treasures Pergola Gazebo Plan

Garden Treasures Pergola Gazebo Ideas

Garden treasures pergola gazebo – The minimalist style pergola is attached to the house and its structure rests on it. The pergola that as an extension of the house that pretends to create the space where the family will enjoy endless hours outdoors, without suffering the setbacks of the weather. On the other hand, this space is also very suitable to be used as a garage. This white pergola, owns the beauty characteristics of the straight lines. Simple but well combined with the floor of cobblestones and the green touches that give life to this space. As in the previous case, this pergola has the structure of the house to keep standing. Colonial style, this fantastic pergola represents the intermediate universe that connects the house and the park. This space has been exclusively designed for the enjoyment of the family.

The wooden garden treasures pergola gazebo creates that warm atmosphere so characteristic in the Mexican patios. The combination of materials and colors is vibrant and energetic. The most classic pergolas are those of hexagonal design. Its structure, in general of wood, is composed by six columns that serve as support to flat ceilings, type round or curved. This type of pergola has an independent structure and is used to cover a particular area in a yard, garden or park. It is for this reason that they require wider open spaces.

Of more romantic air, the garden treasures pergola gazebo is constructed entirely in wood. Its hexagonal structure has been erected on a platform that elevates it about 30 centimeters of the grass and, unlike the pergola of the previous example, it owns a more closed design. All the elements in this pergola come together perfectly. The light colors, the orange roof tiles and even the typical weather vane with the rooster decorate the landscape without altering it.

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