How To Make A Gazebo Canopy Pool

Easy Tips How To Make A Gazebo Canopy

How To Make A Gazebo Canopy – A roof in your patio is a possibility to do meetings with friends, be outside the house to enjoy the outdoors, especially on hot summer days. We in the home we are pending of all the constructions that you can do in your house, those renovations of a patio moderately big, that you do not use much, will serve to have a beautiful gazebo, or gazebo as they also say to him. This construction has been done in sloping terrain, in which it was used for part of that slope to turn it into a wall that contains the earth and serves as a backup to the internal space that was designed for the roundabout.

This natural stone wall cut into blocks, is clad exteriorly at the level of the garden floor, with rustic stone, giving a proper termination to this outdoor use. How to make a gazebo canopy the hexagonal cover has its structure of wood that was anchored in the ground with bases of concrete where they settled and fixed the columns. You can see that channels have been built so that rainwater runoff is collected and dropped by two down pipes located on each side of the deck. On the ground floor, drainage of rainwater has been channeled into the collecting pipes of the house, as well as electrical installations, which will give the gazebo the necessary illumination.

This floor base is perfectly level and compacted, with the appropriate material, which will not have subsequent settlements and will serve as the basis for the support structure of the wooden floor. On the ground floor, compacted and level, a wooden grid is placed, which has to be lifted from the base floor to give a level to this structure and on it will be how to make a gazebo canopy fixed the tables that will confirm the final floor. The wood has been trimmed to give the shape of the circle of the roundabout, arriving with a board that can be closed with a skirting board of the same material.

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