Patio Canopy Gazebo Contemporary

Create a Romantic Patio Canopy Gazebo

Patio canopy gazebo provides shade and privacy when used outdoors as well as a touch of romance when used in the bedroom. Combine the two and create an outdoor four-poster retreat to read, sunbathe and relax with your darling. You can find screen shades in different colors, patterns, textures and styles.

Turn your back yard pergola into a romantic outdoor oasis, such as those found at Caribbean resorts. Add a flowing, semi-transparent white patio canopy gazebo to provide comfortable shade as well as a little privacy. Replace lawn furniture with a soft gazebo loveseat or armchair. Add other furniture and decorative accents like a coffee table, ice chest, and pillows or install surround speakers and mood lighting to enjoy your outdoor retreat at night as well.


Enjoy the comfort of a comfortable bed while relaxing by the pool in a patio canopy gazebo bed. Choose between a lavish all-in-one canopy patterns or buy an outdoor bed and build your own chandeliers. Many outdoor beds come with a built-in canopy. Retreat the chapel and enjoy the sun, take a nap or relax with your darling. Then the hood draws near for a little bit of loneliness. Put comfortable pillows and a throw blanket and watch the stars put on a show.

Choose a stripy fabric for your chapel, at a convenient price. Alternatives can range from the more expensive lace, taffeta and Egyptian cotton to a cost effective mosquito net or pretty sheet. The “pure” element adds a whisper of passionate playfulness. White is the most common color for a neutral look, but if you have an adventurous interior decorator, chooses a shade that fits the mood, from nitric red to attractive teal.

Screw an eye hook in the ceiling directly above the center of the bed and one straight over each bed corner. Whatever hosts a party indoors or out, a canopy lays a soft, dreamy touch. Use a patio canopy gazebo to soften the lighting, provide protection to transform a marriage altar into a festive arc of flowing fabrics, flowers or balloons. Add decorative accents such as tulle, or hang crystals, a chandelier or strings of light to keep the party on hold.

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