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Covered Gazebos for Patios Ideas

Covered gazebos for patios – The process of drawing a gazebo is just like building a real one with wood – step by step. These instructions are how to make a freehand drawing of a decorative Victorian gazebo in a brilliant Victorian backyard flower garden. A freehand drawing is one in which the artist captures characteristics of the individual through expressive line of work that comes from the wiring of the actual object. During the 19th century, covered gazebos for patios were often described as “parts of the sky.” This drawing should reflect the feeling of a haven in nature where people could lounge and enjoy life, sit and draw portrait of each other or have a cool glass of freshly squeezed juice.


Draw in the basic lines of the covered gazebos for patios and the surrounding courtyard. Begin by sketching a large triangle shape in the upper center area of ​​the page to represent the main roof. Draw a large box shape under this triangle to represent body gazebo. Trim away the top of the triangle by drawing a horizontal line from one side to the other to represent the basic gazebo dome (mounted on top of the roof). Sketch another small box for the dome on the horizontal line and add a small triangular roof to the top of it. Finish these main shapes by pulling a large narrow rectangular box at the bottom of the main box to represent the floor and step up to the gazebo.

Now, drag the two vertical side columns from the covered gazebos for patios, which allow some of the front foliage lines to overlap. In this way, the overlapping leaf will create depth on the drawing. Continue sketching in the remaining center slit post for boards under the roof, as well as the steps leading to the floor of the gazebo. Draw a pair of horizontal bars between the posts, about a third of the way up each post from the base. Leave the space between the two centers posts open for the doorway.

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