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Choosing Outdoor Fans for Gazebos

Outdoor fans for gazebos – If you want to keep cool outdoors when you enjoy your patio in the summer, consider buying outdoor ceiling fans. You can choose from a Writers Laboratories-rated wet ceiling fan or a humid ceiling fan for outdoor use. Wet-rated fans can be exposed to rain and established nasty areas, while damp fans can only be installed in covered areas, where they are protected from direct contact with the elements.


Consider what kind of outside covers. Look and see if the area where you want to use the fan is completely covered or if there is a more open area. If the roof is open, you will need a wet ceiling fan. If the area is completely covered and sufficiently large that outdoor fans for gazebos do not get wet when it is raining, a damp ceiling fan should suffice. For example, for a large, covered gazebo where the rain does not enter, a damp fan would be appropriate in most cases.

Consider local weather conditions. If you live somewhere where the weather is mild and not very hot, you do not need a very powerful ceiling fan. You may want to save money and buy a less powerful one if the mercury remains at a reasonable level. Examine the size of the area you plan to cool. If it’s a large area, you’ll need a fan with a larger diameter. If ceiling fans are hanging very high, you also need a larger diameter. Think overhangs and low hanging bars. Unlike indoors where the ceiling is flat and relatively empty, outdoor ceilings often have lower poles and support bars. Make sure you have enough space to allow your fan to rotate uninterruptedly. You can consider smaller diameter outdoor fans for gazebos to make sure that nothing will rotate when it’s rotating.

Find a fan that matches your outdoor decor. Outdoor fans for gazebos are available in a variety of styles. You can choose to match outdoor furniture, match your type of outdoor enclosure or match trees and plants that surround it. Consider adding lighting. You can choose to buy an outdoor ceiling fan with lighting or without. Some models let you add the lights later. If lighting is included, make sure that the lighting and the fan can work independently.

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