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Essential Garden Gazebo – Do you want to build your own gazebo and save money? Building a traditional gazebo at home can cost more than $ 3,000 dollars. If you want to save money with a professional design, follow this guide to make an arbor that will impress your family and neighbors for a third of the price. Build the poles. You will need four corner posts. These can be of any distance and height that you want, but we recommend that they be beams of 10 cm of side by 3.65 m of length. Mounts support beams. Use 6 beams more than 10 cm on the side to secure the three closed sides of the gazebo.

You should place the beams perpendicular to the posts, two on each side, 5 cm from the top and bottom (you may have to adjust the distance, read the complete instructions). Add the windows. It rescues some windows essential garden gazebo of wood and glass (of six panels or similar). Place them in the center of each of the three walls and mark the width. Then make a frame for the window using 2.5 cm x 10 cm wood on the side. Cut the upper beams. You need four more beams to attach the posts to the top. These should be approximately 2.6 m. You will need five beams more than 10 cm apart.

Four of 1.85 m and the other of 2.6 m. Cut the end of the four beams at a 45 ° angle. Screw the flat side of the beams 1.85 m to the ends of the 2.6 m beam, so that the two triangles are joined by the large beam between them. Join the roof beams. Holding the roof essential garden gazebo in place, screw the edges of the posts. Make sure the screw is not too big. Insert windows. You can also add windows to the triangles (smaller than the ones on the wall). This is done in exactly the same way as on the wall, except that you will now have to add an upper frame.

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